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Education and awareness serves to remove the stigma attached to trauma and assists in the process of normalizing symptoms while educating people about stress, traumatic stress reactions and self care. Education raises awareness about different forms of traumatic stress and types of interventions advised or encouraged and provides access to resources , service providers and practical information in order to encourage successful resolution of crisis and or referral of survivor.


This is a group of blocks in columns. Column layouts can be adapted to fit different needs.


This is a group of blocks in columns. Column layouts can be adapted to fit different needs.

Working towards a Trauma Wise South Africa

Psychological First Aid

Are you a CPF First Responder, Paramedic, Police Officer or Community Member and wish you understood trauma and how to assist those who have experienced a disaster incident? Learn how to assist in a disaster or crisis situation effectively in a humane manner.

Transactions of a different kind

-By Philip Stoneman This past Christmas, as thousands of credit cards were swiped and presents bought, transactions of a different kind were taking place. As many  entered the brightly lit, music filled aisles of shopping malls, gazing in awe at all the goodies on offer; buyers lined the sordid dark passageways of the organized crime […]

Looking through the bathroom cupboard door

I remember my father attacking my mom, as she was seated in a chair. He grabbed her by the throat. I screamed, shouted and tried to stop him. I couldn’t protect her. What made this incident worse is that she was disabled, crippled by polio as a teenager. As the oldest, I was supposed to […]

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